LITACA-ll started Beekeeping Training in Dashti Qala district of Takhar province where a total of 43 beneficiaries including 9 women from 5 villages (Aykhanum, Khumdan, Sakasakol, Hairatan, and Bydingak) will receive the training. The training is scheduled for 9 days in a separate time, the first week scheduled for 3 days then it will continue after distributing the honey bees’ families for all 43 selected beneficiaries. Each family will receive two bee families. Training is facilitated by the contracted supplier.

LITACA-ll completed its 08 days’ workshop called (Start and Improve Your Business SIYB) in Dashti Qala district of Takhar province. 25 potential and existing entrepreneurs completed the course and received their certificates from the LITACA-ll and Dashti Qala district officials. At the end of the workshop, attendees submitted 25 new business ideas and plans, promising to support the livelihood improvement in their areas.