About OVOP

One Village One Product (OVOP) is a Japanese development Programme which was proposed by Mr. Hiramatsu who was a prefectural governor in Oita, Japan, in 1979. The OVOP movement as a comprehensive rural development approach with a view to increase income for rural communities through increasing value to local products, development of human resources, products marketing and other services to increase products value. Introduced by Japan International Cooperation Agency in over 30 countries worldwide, and for the first time implemented in Afghanistan by Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development (MRRD) through Livelihood Improvement in Tajik-Afghan Cross border Areas (LITACA) project. The Strategy for this process is to enhance production, processing and marketing of local products to create opportunities for local investments.

Our Vision

An empowered community generating wealth.

Our Mission

To increase incomes and wealth for Afghans through; value addition to local resources, human capital development, provision of unique services and marketing of the products. It aims to achieve One Village One Product production systems countrywide based on comparative advantage and economic use of resources.

Our Aim

To develop goods and services through value adding by communities using locally available resources in designated area.

Our Objectives

To promote OVOP concept approach of economic development at community level.
To promote value adding technologies such as agro-processing and craft making at community level.
To facilitate product quality control and packaging.
To facilitate small-scale business skills development at community level.
To promote market linkages between producing communities and domestic/international markets.

Our Core Values

Continuous learning and innovation
Gender balance and equity